For People Who Think Too Much

That post title up there was changed four times. Sometimes I think too much and I really need to lay low on that. I was going to put up a post about Jealousy. It was going to be on other blogs and how awesome they are like this one I read earlier. I thought that Jealousy was a boring title thought so i decided to go to the thesaurus for some help.


Thesauruses are a stupid idea. I was just thinking, how many words do you really NEED for one meaning? In Canada there are 31 different words for SNOW! SNOW? REALLY? If you want to say kid you shouldn’t half to put life of an adolescent instead! But then again I guess that kid and child are somewhat different. Maybe the thesaurus was just some get rich quick scheme.


Why do I have to use some much spell check? Why can’t I just spell something correctly for once? There I go thinking too much again! I didn’t have to change right to correctly back there!


How can I be thinking about all this when I’m supposed to be posting a post. Then again I suppose no one is reading my blog anyways, it’s sort of pointless. Pointless, that doesn’t make scene, my blog doesn’t even have a point. I wonder who just came up and decided what all these words I’m typing are and mean. For all I know the word “for” could be typed “nmkgsjdk” in god’s eyes. I wonder who the Jewish god is… I should look that up.


How come I get so much praise and so many awards for writing when in reality my mind jumps off topic all the time? Maybe I should change “how come” to “why do”. WHY DO I SPELL MAYBE AS MABEY ALL THE TIME??? IT’S REALLY NOT THAT HARD A WORD!!!



Hello, this is Kayla’s brother. She really could go on like this for days but you may be getting bored learning about what goes on in her messed up mind. I’ll sign off for her.


-Eli Out

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